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Boosted Posts Vs. Facebook Ads

image by @remygbernhardt

Boosted Posts:

+ increases the 'reach' of your post to a wider audience

+ pushes your message outside of your following

+ the simplest way to advertise on Facebook

+ lives on your pages timeline (wall or newsfeed)

+ allows your to either select an automated audience (selected by the instagram algorithm) or to an audience of your choosing

Facebook Ads

+ created through ads manager and offer more advanced customised options and solutions

+ instantly places the post/ ad on instagram and facebook (should you choose for it to go to both platforms)

+ gives you also more control of your target audience e.g. more specific targeting of your audience demographics, interests

+ allows for specialise targeting e.g. retargeting website visitors or lookalike audiences

+ allows your to choose a specific objective e.g. conversions or traffic

+ gives you more metrics to gauge success

+ over 10 CTA's (call-to-action) to choose from

In summary

A Boosted post is better for likes, reactions, comments and overall engagement. Whereas a Facebook Ad is better for strategic conversions, for example bookings, website traffic and page likes.


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