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Checklist For A User Friendly Website

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Image captured by @island.visuals

Have you taken a look at your website recently from the perspective of your customers? Are you wondering what it is that makes a website easier for your customer to use?

We have put together a list of the most important features of a website that you might have missed!

+ Do you have 7 or less top line navigation pages?

+ Visit an internal page. Is it easy to navigate to another page? What about when you scroll to the bottom of the page. Is your menu 'sticky'?

+ Do you have a blog or content pages about your region?

+ Does your site have large, emotive imagery on every page?

+ On every page of your website can your service be booked or product be purchased?

+ Can a user contact you easily on any page of the website?

+ (If you're location based) do you have a google map for directions?

+ Are there reviews clearly displayed on your site?

Did you answer 'no' to any of the above questions? Get in touch with us and we can help you revamp your website for a more user friendly experience! or visit

Remember, user friendly = more conversions!


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