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What are ‘brand guidelines’ / a ‘branding style guide’?

A simple instructional manual on how to communicate your brand, and maintain consistency throughout all of your company's branding. Your logo alone does not visually communicate your business, but your brand asset as a whole speaks volumes.

Many people often underestimate the importance of brand guidelines. These ensure you website, socials, online presence, print, even your signage is all consistent with one another. People that will regularly look at your brand guidelines include your social media team, graphic designers, printing company, partners, and of course, your entire team.

So often, we see companies using the incorrect fonts, colours, logo display throughout their marketing. This conveys an inconsistent message to your target audience, meaning your message is no longer as strong. We can promise you, this style guide will become your best friend.

So what is inside the brand guidelines?

This is generally dependent on the client, some industries and clients require a much more comprehensive brand guideline than others. The basics however are;

  • Logos; primary and secondary variations, correct colour variations and icons.

  • Colour; palettes including colour values for CMYK (print), RGB (screen & web) and HEX.

  • Typography; font styles and families, spacing and formats.

  • Imagery styles or mood board; various photography styles to create a cohesive theme.

  • Do’s and don’ts: basic rules that make the above clear to all members of your team.

If you would like to chat to us about creating a brand guideline for your business, or about our packages and processes, get in touch!, visit or call 0468920748.


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