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Why You Need To Create A Blog For Your Business…. Yesterday!

Updated: May 24, 2021

Whilst spending time on your social media platforms is an important task, marketers and industry leaders are proving that a large percentage of your ‘marketing time’ should be put towards creating unique, engaging content for your blog! Yep, we know it, Google knows it and its about time you realise it… it’s time for you to start a blog! Here are just a few reasons why sharing your knowledge with the online world is VITAL for your company;

1. It’s like throwing fuel onto a fire...

Fuel being the content that you create and the fire being your SEO. So long as your content is RELEVANT, UNIQUE and utilises KEYWORDS, you are automatically boosting your blog/ website up the ranks in Google. Think that it will take up too much of your time? By spending the hours writing, you will get your time paid back to you, without the blog and in order to increase your ranking on Google, you would need to be paying a lot of $$ for Google Adwords or sponsored links to place yourself in a similar (probably not as valuable) position.

2. FREE advertising. Yep, you heard right!

Particularly for those of you just starting, a blog is the perfect platform on which you can advertise your company for free. It takes a bit of know how, some research about Search Engine Optimisation and key words

and, but as soon as you hit that ‘publish’ button, a link to your website will have already started popping up on potential client’s devices.

3. Back to the fuel on a fire analogy, except now the fire is your social media.

A well-written article can spread like wildfire on social media. After posting each blog, post it to all of your social media platforms and provided it’s good stuff, you can expect to watch your followers GROW through the sharing and clicks your incredible blog receives!

4. It will drive traffic DIRECTLY to your website, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 (or do).

It creates direct leads to your website and ultimately a channel through which potential customers can view/ purchase your product/ service! If you have you blog connected to your website, the situation is ideal. Share your blog post and that takes clients directly to your website! However if it’s just a blog your running, don’t fret! Smear that blog with branding and links to the platforms on which you are selling and voilà – the traffic will appear!

5. It will build your brand like your kids build up the laundry pile... fast!

Through your blog you will be able to differentiate yourselves from your competitors, make vital connections with your customers and increase your brand awareness online – these are all vital components of a stable brand. Good content brings people, people create a community, a community recognises leaders and as a result, your company is all of a sudden a ‘top of mind’ brand.

Think of your blog an organic hub that is constantly growing and evolving, giving you leads, building your brand, developing a community and positioning your company within the industry as a leader. So… have you started your blog yet?

Link your incredible blogs in the comments below!


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