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Social Media Brief Form

Social Media Marketing Elements


/ Outline Objectives

/ Determine Suitable Platforms

/ Set platform Specific Goals

/ Platform Set-Up & Optimisation

/ Hashtag Research & Optimisation

Graphic Design

/ Graphics Creation For Posts

/ Graphics Creation For Adverts

Ongoing Maintenance

/ Content Research & Development

/ Posting (daily, weekly, etc. created in 30 day blocks)

/ Account Monitoring (e.g. replying to comments & messages)

/ Follower Growth (e.g.liking, following, community engagement)

/ Identification On Marketing Opportunities (e.g. public holidays)

/ Influencer Connection & Collaboration

/ Product/ Service Photography


/ Training Session

Additional (please ask for further information)

/ Email Support

/ Blog Support

/ Facebook/ Instagram Advert Creation

/ Facebook/ Instagram Advert Maintenance

/ Facebook/ Instagram Advert Reporting

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